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Welcome to Corey Jackson Horsemanship!
Corey Jackson's gentle and patient approach to communicating with horses has led to great success in his horsemanship.  While this God-given gift is probably greatly appreciated by each horse Corey encounters,  this gift is equally appreciated by the horse owners he encounters.  Corey's outstanding ability to communicate to the human how their feel, timing, and balance affects their horse, and ultimately the horse-human relationship, is  remarkable.
The goal of Corey Jackson Horsemanship is to educate and create a community of like-minded horsemen who believe that the willingness of the horse is of most importance.  This ideal is founded upon the traditional horsemanship philosophies and influences of the Vaquero, Great Basin Buckaroo, and Californio horsemen.
Experience Corey Jackson Horsemanship! Personally witness how Corey's knowledge, skills, and abilities of horsemanship are effectively translated to both the horse and the human.  True horse-human communication begins in the horse's mind, moves out to its body, and down to it's feet.  This idea can be understood and appreciated when the human develops and practices the golden rules of true horsemanship--feel, timing, and balance.
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