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The McCall McLite Wade
Corey Jackson Horsemanship has recently teamed up with McCall Saddle Co. as a Horseman/Clinician promoter of their fine hand crafted saddles. I've found that production line saddles just aren't great in quality and function, however the price of a custom made saddle can cost a small fortune. McCall Saddles are made of the finest materials and workmanship possible giving you the finest fitting saddle for horse and rider, all for a very reasonable price. Pictured is the new McCall "McLite" Wade Saddle. This design is for the individual looking for an extremely comfortable lighter weight Wade with a specially designed narrower seat. It's plenty stout enough to drag calves to the fire or do a full days work or trail riding without the weight and bulkiness. Weighting less than 30lbs with the Lady Wade seat design this saddle is perfect for women, however guys like it as well, I start colts and trail ride in it. I can assist you with purchasing the McCall McLite or any of the other fine saddles from McCall Saddle Co. as well.
15 1/2" seat
6 1/2" gullet
QH Bars
Half Breed smooth/rough-out
Mule wrapped horn
Please contact us for ordering details!
15 1/2
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